Fitbit Versa 3 Review Reddit. That device is packed with features, including heart rate. It drops ecg and electrodermal activity (eda) monitoring, trades stainless steel.

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Read our fitbit versa 2 review for comparison of the versa to the versa 2 for more details. In our fitbit versa 3 review, we'll tell you about how it's different from the fitbit sense, but why that likely won't matter to most people. However, the money saved makes it easily the better buy. It's now even better than the fitbit versa 2 with the price difference. The fitbit versa 3 also introduces a speaker, which in theory should allow you to receive bluetooth calls from your android phone. Fitbit states a 6+ day battery life for the versa 3 and my testing indicates this is just about right. The versa 3 is a cheaper alternative to the fitbit sense with temperature and spo2 tracking plus all the fitness features you'd expect.

And the fitbit versa 3 is essentially a fitbit sense that's $ 100 cheaper, minus a couple features you probably won't use very often after the novelty likely wears off (namely, ecg and eda scans).

This thing tracks steps and workouts, monitors my heart rate and sleep patterns, reminds me to drink water, can play music, and even guides me through breathing exercises. Read our review of the fitbit versa 3, including price, design, ease of use, battery life and value for money. Fitbit versa 3 battery life with always on display? Of course, the latest fitbit versa 3 is hoping to make up for that by improving on its predecessor's technology instead of overhauling its seemingly prosaic design. That's why google in the process of buying fitbit. Anyone have some more recommendations for a great versa watch face? Versa 3 screen wakes in sleep. Cnet editors pick the products and services we write about.

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