Money Making Android Games

In the past, if we played games too often, we were always considered as lazy people and had no work. But unlike now, gamers have transformed into a profession that is no less productive. Even the income of world-class gamers can beat the income of entrepreneurs though.

Especially in the current era of the COVID-19 pandemic, not a few people have lost their jobs. This of course will have an impact on the financial condition of the family. Well, for you gamers, in addition to eliminating boredom or for relaxation, the games you play can also generate coffers of money, you know.

Want to know how? So, keep reading the following article! In the following review, mimin wants to share information about android games that can make money. This information is reported from

Free Fire

The way that you can make money from this game is from live streaming on YouTube or Twitch, product sponsorships, advertisements, and so on.

Or maybe if you are a player who prioritizes ranking, you can become a Free Fire game coach, sell push rank services, and so on.

PUBG Mobile

You can earn money in this game by participating in official tournaments or competitions, selling accounts, opening Push rank services, and so on.

Clash Royale

The way you can do to make money from this game is to open a jockey service for the Clash Royale 1 VS 1 game.

If you have a good ability to play, many will want to use your services.

Mobile Legends

For those of you who like this Mobile Legends game, you must know very well and have met many people who sell this game account.

The price of the account they sell is also relatively high because the account they sell must already have a lot of character.

Ragnarok Mobile

You can become a jockey to take care of the game, of course, with a pre-agreed fee.

Well, those are some android games that you can maximize to increase your income. So, not just having fun, we can also make money from this game.


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