Samsung Galaxy A52 5G Review Techradar. While it seems hdr support is lacking, the oled tech gives fantastic contrast in dark scenes and samsung once again impresses with punchy colours. The samsung galaxy a52 is here in a slew of different colors and bringing a handful of upgrades to a line that desperately needed them to stay competitive.

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These are great if you're already well integrated into the samsung ecosystem, but otherwise they just take up storage space along with slots in your app. This is still a powerful chipset capable of driving a smooth experience with oneui 3.1. The samsung galaxy a52 5g is an easy recommendation if you're not bowled over by the flashier flagships and their high prices. Samsung galaxy a52 5g review: Samsung galaxy a52 5g review: The galaxy a52 5g won't be able to compete with the absolute best phones, but samsung is making a conscious effort to. It offers solid build quality, a pleasing display, excellent battery life, and a capable main camera.

The samsung galaxy a52 5g is the company's latest entry in the cheaper phone market, and the company has made steps to make this handset its best yet for an affordable price.

Plastic frame, plastic back, gorilla glass 5 front; Samsung galaxy a52 5g review: More than just an upgrade. Samsung galaxy a52 • samsung galaxy a52 5g. The samsung galaxy a52 5g gets more right than it gets wrong. Samsung galaxy a52 5g review. Sign up to get breaking news, reviews, opinion, analysis and more, plus the hottest tech. You can certainly push it out of its comfort zone with heavier tasks like webpages with javascript, and i noticed it hesitating a moment.

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